We manufacture loop winders, to wind copper bars starting from copper reels.

Technical features:

We offer many different types of machines able to make loops with copper bars.

We start with basic solutions (loop length manual setting and passive de-reeler, with manual braking adjustment) and we get to advanced automatic loop winders having the following features:

  • Continuous adjustment of copper bar tension during winding-unwinding phase;
  • Continuous adjustment of reel angular speed during working cycles;
  • Copper bar alignment and anti-oscillation systems;
  • HMI with easy setting and working parameters control;
  • Automatic adjustment of reel setting;
  • Copper bar automatic locking and unlocking systems;
  • Reel torque greater than 8500 Nm.

Our de-reeling systems are conceived to manage up to 16 reels at the same time.