Rimac automatic rotor banding machines for AC/DC motors can be set up both as stand-alone machines or integrated workstations. The primary function of our banding machines is to control the tape application on armatures and commutators of all sizes.

Technical features:

The banding module, that constitutes the actual core of our banding machines, is characterized by:

  • Automatic systems for tape tension adjustment and control making tape application fully controllable and adjustable;
  • Electrical drives moving the banding carriage and rotating the armature guarantee the highest control of the banding stroke, for a perfect overlapping;
  • Infra-red heating device to pre-heat the area for an optimal tape application;
  • Easy and user-friendly HMI.

Generally speaking, the armature banding function can be integrated in multi-function machines performing multiple operations on the armature, such as turning, TIG welding, undercutting and electrical testing.