We are dealing with machines for the extraction stator windings. These machines are available in manual or automatic configuration, depending on the customer’s needs.

Technical features:

Rimac machines offers two types of devices for winding extraction. The difference resides in the degree of automation and in the control systems.

The manual winding extraction machine is equipped with:

  • An adjustable and mechanical stator locking system;
  • A cutting blade with motorized rotation and manual movement;
  • A winding extraction system that works with a manual pulley and extraction tongs.

The automatic winding extraction machine instead is characterized by:

  • Electrical axes to move the cutting blade;
  • Electrical jack for winding extraction;
  • Self-centering spindle for safe stator fixing.

Thanks to this machine, only one operator can disassemble a stator in a very short time and in total safety.

The integration of a simple and intuitive HMI completes the offer in the field of machines for the extraction of stator windings.

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