Nowadays contract manufacturing is an asset that is becoming more and more important in the industry. In fact, many production companies see this as an effective solution they can choose when dealing with small quantity production bottlenecks or sampling, in order to reduce costs while always delivering top-quality products to their customers.

In this scenario, RIMAC plays the role of an expert and reliable partner who can offer you the following contract manufacturing services for rotor banding:

  • Sampling;
  • Small-series production.

Being a reference point in the market for rotor banding technology, we are experts in the process and we are familiar with the challenges commonly faced during rotor banding.

We put this know-how and our latest technology at the service of your production!


If your production requires samples of banded rotors, Rimac can provide you with the service.

After having accurately analyzed your design specifications, Rimac engineers will produce banded rotor samples, with the use of your components and Rimac latest technology.
We can band rotors having different configurations, sizes and using different banding materials
The rotor samples, manufactured, will undergo a quality control check, to make sure they meet your quality standards and design specifications.
The sampling activity will end with a report summarizing final results.



If you are looking for small-series production to reduce production costs without compromising on quality, Rimac can sort you out.

Thanks to our modern and reliable machinery, we are capable of producing small series of banded rotors for you.
Rimac in-house production facility is well-equipped and includes advanced, flexible rotor banding machinery to band rotors having various configurations and dimensions.
We can use different banding materials, according to your design specifications and the peculiarities of your application.

We ensure that each unit meets your standards so that you can deliver the best quality to your customers.


Here are some of the advantages you will get when choosing Rimac contract manufacturing services:

  • Top-quality products fully complying with your design specifications: we use well-equipped banding machinery benefiting from the latest technology;
  • Short delivery time thanks to constant machinery availability;
  • Bypass of expenses associated with an in-house banding machinery = cost-efficient production;
  • Bypass of small production bottlenecks.

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